DR-400 Vertical Curing Oven
DescriptionThis unit is used for glue curing after PCBA coating.

  Save Much Space of Workshop

  Sturdy and Stable Design

  User Friendly “Touch Panel” Control

  Total of 4 Independent Heating Zones

  Over Temperature Protection

  Metal Chain Conveyor

  Glue Curing Time can be set according to your process requirements

  Manual Conveyor Width Adjustment

  UPS Protection

  With Buzzer and Light Tower

● Easy of Accessibility




Max. PCB/Pallet Size

400 x 400 mm

Max. PCB/Pallet Weight

10 Kg/PCBA

Heating Zone

4 zones

Temp Control Accuracy


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Control

PID Control

Temp Control Range

Room Temp ~ 180

PCB Flow Direction

L to R (Option: R to L)

Conveyor Height

900±15 mm

Glue Curing Time

Set according to requirements

Conveyor Width

100 ~ 400 mm adjustable

Chain Pin Length

5 mm

Max. Storing Board Capacity

60 pcs (Board height <25.4 mm)

Lifting Index

25.4 mm or a multiple of that

Heat up Time

30 min

Total Power

32 KW

Operating Power

10 KW

Power Supply

3 380 V, 50 Hz

Dimension (L x W x H)

2775 x 1715 x 2260 mm


1800 Kg

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